Recent Visit – 11/18 – 11/25

Jay and I just returned from a quick trip to Sierra Leone.  The school in Woama now has a metal roof.  Pastor Philip is doing an awesome job teaching the children and using books that we took last July.  The school in Koidu City has added 4 classrooms and an office.  In Sewafe, Pastor Israella is in desperate need of additional classrooms.  She has the land already available.  New schools were started in September in the villages of Bendu and Small Sefadu.  Enrollment is increasing in all of the schools. God is doing much and through additional sponsors much more can be done.  Please spread the word that through people in the U.S., school conditions are improving in Kono District, Sierra Leone, but many more children and their families need your help.

Jay and Laura Jackson

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2 Responses to Recent Visit – 11/18 – 11/25

  1. Frederich Gbandawa says:

    From Glory to Glory,to God be all the Glory for the additions,multiplications on the way in Jesus,Name

  2. Frederich Gbandawa says:

    From Glory to Glory,I Thank God for all the additions.He is about to multiple now.

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