Pastor Israella Musa started the school in 2005 in the mostly Muslim town of Sewafe. Originally, two students enrolled but more students came because they saw the excellent teaching. Pastor Israella struggled daily to teach with no money, no supplies, and only the help of God. Slowly she gained the respect of the town leaders and families. She now has many students and teachers. Three classes are held in the church sanctuary. The sanctuary is a large, open area and not suited to holding three seperate classes of different ages at the same time. Two other grade levels are taught in an open classroom in another building. Many of the students are not able to pay tuition and the school’s resources are small. The Cheiftan of Sewafe has given them land and they are praying for the resources to build additional classrooms.

Currently, nine students are sponsored in Sewafe through the sponsorship program at KEF. Additional sponsorship will aid in further development of the school. Pastor Israella’s vision is to complete the building for the elementary school and then build a secondary school.

Questions? email: hello at konoyima dot org


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